This International Standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that
an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance. This International Standard is
intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a
systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

This International Standard helps an organization achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental
management system, which provide value for the environment, the organization itself and interested
parties. Consistent with the organization’s environmental policy, the intended outcomes of an
environmental management system include:
— enhancement of environmental performance;
— fulfilment of compliance obligations;
— achievement of environmental objectives.

This International Standard is applicable to any organization, regardless of size, type and nature, and
applies to the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services that the organization
determines it can either control or influence considering a life cycle perspective. This International
Standard does not state specific environmental performance criteria.

This International Standard can be used in whole or in part to systematically improve environmental
management. Claims of conformity to this International Standard, however, are not acceptable unless all
its requirements are incorporated into an organization’s environmental management system and
fulfilled without exclusion.