This standard specifies requirements for the information to be included on labels of goods prepackaged for sale, the method of display of such information, and where necessary, the wording and units of measurements to be used.

This standard does not apply to the following:

a) Goods that are sold unpackaged, or in an open or uncovered package;

b) Goods that are weighed, measured or counted in the presence of the purchaser with or without being packaged.

c) Goods in packages not intended for retail sale;

d) Goods or classes of goods where different or additional information is prescribed by any CARICOM Regional Standard.

e) Goods intended for export only which comply with the requirements of standards or laws on labelling enforced in the country to which they are being exported;

f) Gift-wrapped goods;

g) Markings on shipping containers; and

h) Goods in commercial quantities that are not for retail sale.