The St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards (SKNBS) is currently hosting the 43rd Meeting of the Council of Directors of the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), which could set the stage for deliberations that will shape the future of the region’s standards and quality infrastructure.

This claim was made by the Minister, Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs, Economic Development and Investment, the Right Honourable, Dr. Denzil Douglas who welcomed the regional and international delegates.

“During this ceremony, we will have the privilege of hearing about the new and ongoing initiatives and projects that CROSQ has undertaken,” said the minister. “These initiatives are designed to enhance the development of quality infrastructure in our region through various means, including technical expertise, financial support, and other forms of assistance. This is an opportunity for us to collectively chart a course for progress, innovation, and excellence in the realm of standards and quality.”

The October 09 to 10 meeting will discuss new and ongoing initiatives and projects of CROSQ, which are expected to further enhance the development of quality infrastructure in the region through technical, financial, and other support.

It is being attended by directors of the national standards organisations across the 15 CARICOM Member States, as well as technical and project staff of the CROSQ Secretariat. Regional and international partners, such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the German National Metrology Institution (PTB), and the British Standards Institute (BSI), are also attending in person and remotely.

CROSQ CEO, Mr. Deryck Omar stated that the two days are expected to be long and engaging, with much on the agenda to discuss.

“But at the end of the reviews of performance and discussions, we expect the trajectory for the coming year to be solidified, and the coming initiatives and partnerships to be finalised with an air of excitement and surety that we are truly on the right path,” he said.

Chairman of CROSQ and Director of the SKNBS, Mr. Stuart LaPlace, noted that the next two days will examine the work that has taken place amongst the network of NSBs, as well as across projects led by the CROSQ Secretariat over the past six months.

“Additionally, we will be looking into the future with the intent to strategically address the needs and demand for the services we provide, but also examining the new trends of which we must be cognizant, so as to develop the appropriate approaches for the coming year,” he said. “Quality infrastructure is not an area that will remain static, and it certainly does not stagnate. Our past three years of responding to and bouncing back from COVID19 and other global threats with QI-related solutions have taught us this. And so, as we meet as a single body, we must examine what we have done in the past, but with a vision to address what is to come and where we go from here.”